Wednesday, September 20

And then there were two...

This week's Wednesday ride started out with ominous looking clouds and most of the gang bailing. In the end only Bill and I showed up to White Ranch to tackle Belcher.
I managed to beat Bill there and while I waited I wasn't sure what to make of the clouds. I donned arm and knee warmers (that season again?!?) and threw my light and rain jacket in my pack.
What started out worrysome ended up wonderful. Bill and I caught most of the riders before the singletrack and blazed up the climb relatively speaking. Bill made it up in a new fast time despite waiting for me a few times and I managed a respectable ride on Cogsworth. Only about a minute off my best time at the first bench.
From the top of Belcher we descended to the parking lot, bombed Sawmill and ended up riding the 2nd half of Mustang before finishing down Belcher in the dark. It was just light enough to see without lights and with no one else on the trail we didn't have to stop on the way down. By the time we made it back to the car and got loaded up it was 8pm and Bill had to leave for his nephew's ballgame. I had to get home too because Marni had some delicious baked potato and ribs waiting. Good thing as I've been eating everything in sight with all the riding this week. I'm well past 100 miles already and it's only Wednesday.
In other news, we spent most of the weekend getting ready for and attending my brother in law Scott and Betsy's wedding. It was really beautiful. On Saturday night I hung out with my nephew Trevor at the rehersal dinner. He's getting so big!
Becky and her fiance Ryan were staying at our house and we got to hang out with them. It was really great getting to meet Ryan and see Becky again. We're excited to go to their wedding in February.
Between Becky and Ryan and the other aunts and uncles coming to see our house we had to have snacks around. Yum donuts!
Who is that cute couple?
There they are again! Marni looked really beautiful in her bridesmaid's dress. More news on her blog.
Here is a picture of the newlyweds. The wedding was beautiful and they look very happy. We wish them a long and wonderful marriage.

That's all for tonight. Bill's got some cool timer pictures of the ride that I'll upload when he sends them along. More riding tomorrow and more Moab planning.


Marni said...

Glad you had a good ride tonight. I feel like such a slacker for not having gone in two weeks. Boo on Marni. I also have to say that I have the cutest husband and nephew in the whole world. For all of you out in blogland, Chris is Trevor's favorite person in the whole world. He wanted to hang out with his cool Uncle Chris the whole night.

Becky said... that your single speed mountain bike? I hear that those are harder than geared bikes, but since you're like the second best mountain biker in Colorado, it probably didn't faze you a bit. :) (thanks for capturing the chocolate leftovers on my face from the donuts...I suppose I really WAS saving that for later!)