Thursday, September 7


Back riding on the road a lot. Another shot at Tour De Front Range coming at the end of the month. Ready to pull the trigger on 24Hours of Moab. Bachlor party last night and go karting in 2 hours. Not at work. Erik and Michelle getting married tomorrow!!!
Life is good and I'm sure that means the other shoe is about to drop but I don't care. I've got a wonderful wife and family and friends so I'll roll with the punches.


bill said...

Ya "life is good" is pretty much fact enough on it's own, it's pretty much where you live. No need to worry about other shoes dropping, let the others worry about that. :)

Todd Plesko said...

Just be humble.


Cellarrat said...

Don't worry be happy =)

Dont worry about the other shoe =)

Stuff always seems to work out just fine