Monday, September 11

Wear white after labor day

Ever feel like you're living out of your car? I don't even drive most weekdays but I think the Element constantly looks like this anyway. I guess half of it *is* Marni's. Sunday Bill and I decided to ride Betasso in the afternoon so while I waited for him to arrive I was screwing around shooting pictures.
Also while I was waiting I decided to checkout my helmet a little more closely. A few pads were starting to become chronically unstuck. Unfortunately that's when I noticed this:
And this. Along with 5 more friends of these two cracks.
Well dammit. I guess that helmet is toast. I don't remember any big header crashes but perhaps 7,000 miles of riding and requisite visits to the ground did it in. Nonetheless Bill and I decided to ride anyway and mugged for a picture taken by another rider just finishing.
We cruised from the canyon up Sugarloaf and hit up 4 laps around Betasso. The air was warm and the skies were clear. It was the nicest day of the weekend for sure. Much nicer than during my 70 mile solo TT the day before.
From the end of our fourth lap we headed down Boulder Canyon link trail aka Pipeline.
It's been a while since I've rode it since it involves talking someone into riding up to Betasso from the canyon but it was great fun. Swoopy fast start, tight descent through trees and finally a steep rocky finish.
We still had some time to kill at the cars so we headed down to Pearl street and got some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Yum. And of course B&J is directly across from the Montbell store which I love and Bill had never been in so we checked it out. Amazingly enough they had a Super Strech Down #7 on super clearance which I couldn't resist. It's a claimed 50 degree down bag (for $117) that weighs under a pound. Since I can pretty much sleep in just an insulated pullover at 50degrees I bet it's easily a 40 degree bag for me.
Here it is laid out next to my 15 deg Marmot Sawtooth. The Marmot's got more loft but not by a huge margin considering the Montbell is supposed to be for 35 degree warmer temperatures! I haven't had it on the scale yet, I know the horror, but I will soon. I have to cut the tags and cordlocks out first for lighter ones though. The stock ones are like boot laces! For a lightweight oriented company they sure do have some bulky cords. Bill and I also checked out some sweet 40% off snowshoes but somehow resisted purchasing any.
I got a recovery ride in today at lunch so tonight after work Marni and I headed over to Performance. I needed to replace the cracked lid so I was commited to dropping some money on a new helmet. I tried on a bunch of stuff including the Atmos but settled on a leftover 2005 Pneumo in white. What can I say it is what I'm used to and it was cheaper so I got a new cycling cap too. My Cinelli one is pretty beat.
This picture is for mom. Marni says I need new pants. Apparently 32/34 just doesn't cut it anymore. We're going to try on some 30 and 31 inch waists and report back. I can wear these pants with my 2 shirts tucked in and the belt on notch 5.
Model shot for Marni. Do I look like Lance in a cycling cap?


Marni said...

Good model shot! You are one good lookin skinny guy. I'm impressed that you resisted the snowshoes, Bill must've been a good influence :)

Cellarrat said...

You lightwight gear whore ;)

Bag looks very warm prob stuffs very tiny too!

Hey i'll be hauling 12.5 lbs of whiskey 140+ miles on wends/thurs

Todd Plesko said...

Enjoy those impulse purchases now. When the little ones come, those purchases will be far and few between.

I felt bad purchasing a LED flasher for my commute bike. Tired to riding in the dark with a light on the front but nothing on the back.

And oh how wonderful it was to stroll around Edwardsville Cyclery. All of the new bikes called to me. "Take me home. Take me home." But allas, got to feed Nick and send Jessie to college.

JoelWhite said...

OK, so maybe "ultralight" camping gear is a subjective term. Makes my 20deg bag and sub 5lb tent look quite portly.

Scott DL said...
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Scott DL said...

Midified because my grammar sucks...

My college roommate would call this his "buffet-eating pants"... You need to keep them so that you can go gorge yourself at the Sizzler and not be uncomfortable in your jeans... :)