Wednesday, November 15

Active Recovery

Mostly a recovery day today, just about 20 easy miles on the road bike. Slow easy pace meant lots of bikers passed me but I resisted the chase.Besides going slow means lots of time for pictures.I passed by the eagle preserve today and finally saw a couple.Pictures don't really do them justice, they were huge parked up in that tree. These pictures I stopped for, the rest were moving.
Now I'm sitting here blogging and drinking a glass of red wine while my wonderful wife cooks up some delicous salad, bread and spicy sausage pasta for dinner. She also surprised me and picked up my warrenty swingarm from the "cute but very dumb" employee at Bicycle Village. Score! Guess I better put it in the stand and start the reassembly.

The rest of the night has relaxing on the schedule so talk to you all tomorrow.


Becky said...

Wish I had known about the eagle preserve when Ryan and I went out there. Eagles are fascinating! One of the coolest things that I have heard about is how their "courting process" proceeds. It's pretty cool. Anyway, sweet pics

Becky said...

PS--Totally missed the awesome matching outfit comment...Umm, I think that your team definately needs a fasion consultant. Get hip with it. You know, I've got a good sense of style/colors. :)