Wednesday, November 29

Snow dreamin

From this yesterday afternoon...

This this today.
Got the Pugs out in some real snow and it was a freaking blast. I've never ridden up and down offroad trails in 6"+ so easily. Of course all the people in cars got a kick out of it too and the hikers who couldn't figure out what was making the 4" wide tracks.
The temperature is currently 10degF and falling. I'll be pitching the tent and climbing into my cold weather setup in a couple hours to see if it's warm enough at the predicted -1degF tonight will bring. Tomorrow Dave and I are going to ride Centennial Cone one more time after work. It's closed December 1st for 2 months due to hunting season. Perhaps I'll bring the orange jacket tomorrow just in case anyone decides to start early. Can't wait for my winter Rollins Pass adventure but I've got to make sure all the gear is up to the challenge first. Don't worry everyone, I won't freeze tonight. I've got more snow riding to do tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Don't freeze hubby. I'll be basking in the wonderful warmth of our nice electric blanket and thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous Chris. I hope we get some of that snow soon. Have fun freezing your cajones off :)