Sunday, November 26

All of White Ranch

Bill and I had the grand idea to ride all of White Ranch in one day. We figured the Friday after Thanksgiving would be good because we both had off of work. No one else joined us. Maybe it wasn't a good idea? Nah...
Edited to add the Route:
All the way up Belcher with RoundUp loop
Down to Rawhide
All the way around Rawhide to Sawmill
Across Sawmill to Mustang
Down Mustang to Belcher
Up Belcher to Maverick
Maverick to Longhorn
Longhorn to Shorthorn
Shorthorn to Whippletree
Down Whippletree to Belcher and done!

Bikes are really getting tired now...

Complete! All done except a few connectors that we didn't backtrack to get. 17 miles in a little over 4 hours with stops for pictures/eating etc. Awesome, amazing riding. Bill kicked ass and I survived on the SS with 36:20 gearing wussing out from my now standard 36:18. While I don't know when I'll get the entire adventure in again the final Mavrick, Longhorn, Shorthorn, Whippletree section is going to have to become standard.


Anonymous said...

i'm rocking a 32x18 right now and coasting.... I'm the one wussing out

Anonymous said...

I just followed a link from the Snob's site. Great pictures of a great ride! I'll be back for more.