Sunday, May 13

Busy Busy

Okay this marks an attempt to get back to my daily blogging. It's good for me and hopefully you all enjoy reading it! Either way things have been pretty crazy since after TransIowa. I've been recovering physically and mentally although really that's pretty complete.

My attention has turned to the next two big races, the Kokopelli Trail Race followed by the focus of much of my effort and stress, the Grand Loop Race. I've been buying supplies, testing gear and riding with full packs and a loaded bike for much of the year. Now the race is getting close and a safe finish is my goal. I'll say the same is true for the KTR this coming weekend, something I've been dying to participate in for a while now. While I've ridden parts of the Kokopelli, I've never got to ride it all straight through and I'm looking foward to a long beautiful day in the saddle immensely. Nothing like a midnight start and a sunrise while racing to blow your mind. I won't say I'm planning a totally light weight strategy because I'm not, but I am planning something similar to one I've used previously with good success. We'll see if the weather doesn't try to negate it either. That's all I'm saying for now. See all you other desert nuts on Friday night in Fruita!

I also got my new kit for the Feedback Sports Racing team which is great. Full zip jerserys and comfy shorts by Giordana is just what I've been needing. Plus Marni is probably planning to steal my long sleeve jersey when I'm not wearing it. No more multi-holed CU Tri gear for me but Marni did replace my ratty knee warmers and the signature red is still coming at ya. Hey it makes me real easy to pickout in a crowd :)

Okay tomorrow's blog will be a huge time trial update as the past 3 races have been great for our little group and last week I finally set a new PR on the course. Nothing as huge as Marni's 3 minute smash but at almost 26mph I'll take any gains I can get without buying speed. Not that I'm opposed to that if Louis Garneau or Giro wants to send me a TT helmet...

Thought of the night. How many pounds of gear and food would you need to survive for 360 miles in the desert without resupplying anything but water? M


Marni said...

Let's just say I'd take a lot more food than you are :) Glad you are back to bloggerlanding. We've missed you.

Cellarrat said...

I'm guessing 14 lbs food 10 lbs gear?