Tuesday, May 22

A couple pictures

Not a whole lot of time to post the KTR story yet or the decisions I'm wrestling with but I liked these pictures and I wanted to post them up. Marni wrote a great blog yesterday so read that and enjoy all the pictures. Spring has sprung down here and it's as green as I can ever remember it. Thanks to Dave too for the first picture. Other than that work is busy and I'm tired and resting my sleepy bones.
Edit: Woohoo one more of the finish line wheelie :)


UltraRob said...

Great ride out there. Certainly some strage stuff that will need to be sorted out with this kind of ride.

I'm riding the Kokopelli in 3 days this weekend. I'm exited and nervous. Mountain biking has been my thing but the last couple years I've done a lot on the road with my focus on the Race Across America. Since RAAM I've hardly ridden. That has to change but work is currently in the way. I just put my suspension fork on last night after having a rigid on for the last year. Technical riding has always been my strength but after a year of not doing much I hope I stay upright out there.

Marni said...

I like the pictures. I especially like the first picture where the girl in the back appears to be checking herself out. I look like I'm ready to grab on to you and not let you go for a long time. Again, congratulations on such an awesome ride. I'm so proud of you.