Monday, May 28

Hiker Dodging

Bill, Shelby, Dave, Marni and I hit Centennial Cone yesterday. It was beautiful out there. Blue skies, green everywhere and flowers blooming all over. There was one small problem. Apparently JeffCo screwed up on their brochure and ended up listing yesterday as both a hiker and biker day on the alternate use schedule. Of course we didn't figure this out until after we explained it to the 4th hiker of the day. How come we were overly nice to everyone all day yet the many (but not all) of the hikers wanted to be jerks about it? Obviously we weren't trying to steal "their day" and the offical brochure said we could ride. The alternate use schedule is a great idea and I'm all for it but having not ridden there in 4 months I didn't remember who had odd days and who had even days so we just went off the brochures available at the trailhead, not realizing they were printed wrong...

Nevertheless we enjoyed the ride and the views. Hope you like the pictures!
Marni climbing back up at the start when we thought we were wrong.
Shelby following along.
Blue skys and green grass.
Climb to to the sky.
Bill says "Don't mind if I do!"
Sweet turns!
Monocog stopping to pose for a picture.
Seriously what could be better than this picture?
The happy couple lounges on a rock.
Dave rolls along. Look at that scenery.
Marni kicking butt on a small tech section while Monocog cheers her on.
A new trail can gradually narrow too. All you Cone haters feel free to stay away. More for us!
Wild flowers in bloom. Yellow, orange, blue, green and purple everywhere!


Marni said...

Thanks for the fun ride and great pictures! It sure was beautiful out there... minus those cranky hikers.

Cellarrat said...

Good stuff! Can't wait for the next one!