Wednesday, May 16

Turn 'em and burn 'em

Just a quick post, I should be in bed. The time trial went well tonight for Marni and I plus the rest of the gang. Marni dug deep and almost bested her PR from last week despite windier conditions. She really suffered to ride well and is improving greatly as a racer. I found the zone again, at least on the back half of the course, and really gave it my all to that deep focused cross eyed point. Took a while for the legs to warm up after the Sun/Mon beating but the 24:47 was good enough for 8th place. I'm holding onto 6th place in the series for the 4's with only 1 race to go. Right now if the last race goes well I will get to drop my 12th place from when I pulled my pedal on the really short day. All my finishes will be top 8 then and that will make it almost impossible for 7th to catch me. Even if I flat out next race or bomb totally I think I'll still hold onto 6th and definitely 7th. I said I didn't care about where I placed in the series this year and despite starting the power work late (read: time trial number 1 was the first hard effort of the year) and with TransIowa and KTR right in the middle of the series, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Maybe next year I'll get a new TT bike and train for the shorter stuff? Okay probably not but you never know.In other more interesting news, DH left for his adventure today. Good luck buddy, can't wait to hear the stories before my own trip. Almost time to do some riding in the desert myself. See all you other crackheads there.


Jill said...

Good luck! Race well and take some pics if you can manage to slow down for a sec.

Marni said...

Great job on your race! I'm very proud of you. Can't wait for this weekend!