Saturday, May 26

Go another round

I made one more trip today to REI for a few more goodies, then home to the batcave to tweek the actual and the spreadsheets of gear, food, and other details. Lighting is LED based in duplicate, the HID is gone for good. Too heavy and having it not work 60 seconds before the start of the Rim Ride was really the final nail in the coffin. Water treatment has recieved a step up in speed and cool factor but reliable backup remains on hand. I currently own a small disposable fortune in Energizer Lithium batteries. Size AA and AAA, over a pound worth to power my lights and GPS out there.

Marni is out at a bachlorette party tonight so I'm going to take Cogsworth for a night spin on some dirt and then get to bed. Tomorrow I think Bill, Shelby, Dave, Marni and maybe more of the gang are going to hit up Centennial Cone for more dirt action. Wish my dad was here to join in the fun on his newfound love aka his GF Rig. Well that's all for now. I'm sure there will be more updates and I'm enjoying the long weekend.

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Marni said...

Hope you are having fun out on your ride right now. I'm home lame-ly early and you aren't here. You are so much cooler than I am :) Oh and I like your new light!