Tuesday, May 15

Just what I needed

I know I promised a TT update but plans changed. The gang was discussing carpool and hotel options for KTR yesterday afternoon when Sportsman asked if I was going riding. I need a good fun outside ride so I headed home after work, put a cage on the road bike and rode out the door to meet him just up the road from my house.

We rode down from Westy to Golden, climbed Lookout in somewhat of an obscene time considering we talked up until the last minute or two of the climb and then looked out from where we had come from. Big. Dark. Clouds. Jackets and knee warmers went on and we tried a couple methods of skirting the storm. While back in Golden and hiding from the hail under some lady's tree and then in her garage as she graciously let us in, we realized we didn't dodge it very well. Eventually the hail subsided and we rode in the driving wind and rain for the majority of an hour back home. It was a little chilly and we were soaked to the bone but Scott did show me a new route to avoid the busy streets which was awsome.

Back at home I jumped in a warm shower and put on dry clothes. Marni had just finished her ride and had a big meal almost done so we ate and parked it on the couch for the rest of the night. Of course not before I finished off the last of the "Surf and Turf" Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream. Yum!

Edit: Here's an elevation profile of yesterday's ride. I finally got the GPS cable for my Geko that Mr.Nice gave me. I'm in trouble now. The GPS was fun before but uploading tracks and downloading rides is really cool!


Anonymous said...

I'm still wet from the ride home. yeah, we did a poor job of dodging the rain and hail..

and it was a good night for ice cream, Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia..


Marni said...

Ut oh, you found a new mistress...

p.s. you're both wrong, Karamel Sutra is the way to go.