Thursday, October 4

Ante up

Well I'm all registered for Moab. 55 in the solo field already and plenty of big names. Where will I end up? Who knows. I've got my goals but mostly I want to have a great ride and let the chips fall where they may. I've already learned that these are long races and anything can happen so we'll just be rolling with the punches in the Plesko camp. My dad gets in town the middle of next week so I'm really looking forward to getting to hang out with him for a week. He will be my main crew along with Marni and I ordered both of them some fun presents from the TwinSix sale today. Lights are ready and supplies are massed. Training is done and tapering down has begun. Hopefully soon we'll figure out exactly when we'll be down there and before you know it we'll be heading out!

This year I've got lots of other fun teams going down among my friends and teammates! Let me know if I forgot anyone.
Nick Thelen - another Feedback Sports solo racer.
Ballistic Stillness - a Cylde team featuring Bill and Brady among others
Bufo Alvarius - Ride Against the Machine fun team with Dan, Truesdale, Nicolette and Cori.
Gears of Glory - a Feedback Sports expert team with Doug, Jason, Fast Rob and Scott.
29, single and rigid - 29er SS team featuring Epic Adam and the Mad Dog crew.
Last but not least DH is racing solo too, battling it out with Eatough, Nat, Ernesto, Gagnon and who knows who else.
Should be good times. It can't possibly be more epic than last year...right?


Joel White said...

Good luck out in the race, its shaping up to be quite the spectacle.

I may end up out there to pit crew for John Perry, and will definitely say hi and give some cheers if I see you around.

Becky said...

Good luck Chris, be safe!

Dave Harris said...

Moab is always epic, it never dissappoints. It makes OP feel like a walk in the park. Last year was the easiest year in the history of the race - it's really the 2nd 12 hours that's so tough in this one. The long range forecast as of today is for puuuurfect weather. Which means a hard, sandy, long haul.

I like your plan & approach!

See ya there.

Marni said...

Ah yes, the "desert"...

Good luck to us all!