Monday, October 29

What to do?

Snow race options
#1 - Big and Bad:
Togwotee Winter Classic 100, Alaska Ultrasport 350
#2 - Conservative:
Togwotee Winter Classic 100, Arrowhead 135
#3 - More Conservative
Togwotee Winter Classic 100, Susitna 100
#4 - Short Triple Crown:
Togwotee Winter Classic 100, Arrowhead 135, Susitna 100

Togwatee Winter Classic is good timing, close by, great for my experience and inexpensive relatively speaking. I'm going for sure. Marni can come and even maybe race the 25 mile option.

Alaska Ultrasport is pushing my cold weather experience as it stands today. There is time to learn prior to the race here in Colorado and Wyoming but I have to commit before then so it's a bit of a gamble. The distance itself doesn't scare me and I have most of the gear. It is really expensive to do the race between entry and travel and vacation time. But, and it's a big but, I really want to go to Alaska and it would be a hell of a birthday race and an amazing experience if I can make my goals to stay safe and finish. Marni probably can't come.

Arrowhead may be a lottery entry and the Monday start requires a lot of days off for a 135 mile race. Conditions will likely be great training for a future Alaska adventure. Moderately expensive due to the long drive or required flight and days off. Must decide and register within 2 weeks and I'll know by December first. Marni probably can't come.

Susitna is really far to travel for a 100 miler but it would give me some Alaska fun and experience without the Ultrasport's commitment. Marni might be able to come along. Expensive (what else is new right?) but possibly the easiest and most vacation like experience/race.

Triple crown is less committing than the Ultrasport. Tons of experience. Tons of travel and money. Tempting idea but possibly too little time to recover between all 3 races, especially if conditions are really bad at any one.

Whatever I do, I need to make up my mind ASAP. Bike and gear needs to be prepared and entries need to be mailed in. Discuss...


Dave Byers said...

I love that the Togwotee Winter Classic is part of all four options!
I am right there with you on the Ultrasport. I feel like fitness-wise I can finish the race but I could use another season of winter camping/survival expereince before I do it. My plan is to do Togwotee and the Ultrasport in 2009.

Cellarrat said...

Daves Race is on my list but the others are just to much $$ time off isn't as big of a deal for me...

The tripple would be f**** awesome to bag em all in a year but I donno how the body would fair on all that...

Jill said...

It's interesting that the Arrowhead 135 may have a lottery entry. After last year's race, I would think they would benefit more from requiring racers to submit their winter survival/ biking experience "resumes" and choose accordingly. I've heard that Bill Merchant does this, although I'm not positive that's the case. It doesn't seem to be a bad idea.

As far as what races to do, I think money and time off work would be the biggest factor for you. I've heard that rookies usually struggle in the Ultrasport (unless their name is JayP); eventually you have to decide when it's your turn to be a rookie. I like that option because it's big and bad.

Of the short races, the Togwotee seems like it will probably be the most difficult.

The Susitna is a lot of fun, but I don't know if I could justify the expensive travel if I lived in the lower 48. For that same reason, I'll probably never try the Arrowhead 135, although never say never. If you come up for either the Susitna or the Ultrasport, I bet Geoff and I could help you arrange lodging. We have friends in the Mat-Su area, and Geoff himself may be up for the Susitna.

Lots of stuff to chew on, eh? I look forward to your decision.

Doug said...

Who ever thought there would be choices and options for racing a snowbike. Looking forward to seeing what you decide. Time-off and expense definitely keeps me from heading to Alaska. It's nice to have two options in the lower 48!