Thursday, October 25

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turns 57 years old today. While I'm only lucky enough to have known him for 25 years, I am going to tell you some of what I know.
He's one of the most giving and caring people you've ever met. For years he has been a fixture in the Kirkwood First Presbyterian church as a deacon, an elder and a Steven minister. He's given hundreds and probably thousands of hours of his time helping and listening to people in their times of need.

He's a amazing father. He has taught my brother, sister and me some of the most important lessons we could ever learn. He has always been there for us and when I lived at home we used to spend hours discussing everything from politics to science to world events and everything in between.

He's a great fighter and athlete. When I started racing triathlons in high school, my dad joined in not long after. One of my favorite runs ever is when we ran 15 miles together just a couple days before his cancer surgery. His doctors said he was probably the healthiest patient ever to have this type of procedure. Post surgery he didn't give up despite becoming an instant type 1 diabetic with no pancreas at all. Gaining back the probably 50 pounds he had lost from the cancer along the way, he is back at it again: Swimming, riding his bike and running despite all the complications of being diabetic.

I could go on and on forever but I'll stop here for now. Hopefully the rest of you out there will get to meet him at a race or ride or run someday. I just know that when I have to dig deep, it's nothing compared to what he's gone through and conquered. And he's not stopping yet.

Happy Birthday Dad, Love ya.


Cellarrat said...

Way rocking Dad! Very gald I've met him and look forward to riding with him one of thease days!!

Todd Plesko said...

Thank you Chris. Can't wait to come out again.


Marni said...

Happy Birthday (a day late)!