Monday, October 1

Why I write

I've been rambling lately, not nearly as well formed a post or story as I'd like but sometimes time is quite constraining and blogging gets the axe first. Today at lunch I was thinking a bit about why I even keep blogging although it's not much of a question. I love that you all out there in bloggerland care enough to keep up with my life and blog but mostly I write for me. It's the 21st century diary, a place where I can write whatever is happening or on my mind and a year later look back and get a glimpse of my true feelings at that time. So I try to be as honest as I can stomach and this is what you get!

Right now I'm making another not so exciting entry, waiting for work to let out so I can go play with Dave and Dave and maybe Ed in Buffalo Creek. At lunch I organized the house and prepared my bike for tonight. I lubed my chain, glued on some new grips, tweeked some suspension settings (really liking my Fuel even more lately) and removed a few stickers on my stem. The last part, the sticker removal, is more difficult than you might think. Not because they were super sticky but because they represented some things that I've gone though on the bike. I didn't remove them all, 2 of the 4 remain as do the constant reminder of their meaning. But 2 more are gone and hopefully now I can move on with that tiny part of my life. 4 months after the fact, I've figured out everything I need to at this time and no longer need to dwell on the lessons learned. In fact I probably should have let go a long time ago but I couldn't. Yet for some reason today was the day and now they're gone, leaving room for new stickers and the corresponding adventures in their place.

Of course the other reason I'm home for lunch is to wait for the mail lady to come by since tapering down for Moab precludes multiple daily rides. With the mail my new shoes arrived. I'm straying from a particular style of Nikes for the first time in a long while which any runner or hiker will tell you is a big deal. The shoes are Innov-8's, a smaller brit company starting to see more awareness in the US. I'm wearing them right now in fact but it's too early to give any judgements. I also needed a few money orders from things I've sold to arrive today and they did, with a minor surprise. Among the good mail the hospital sent another bill for my visit. I opened it preparing for the worst and laughed at the $6.26 bill. Disaster averted.

Now just 30 minutes to kill at work until cake day and then a couple more hours of testing before a great ride tonight. Really looking forward to Buff Creek tonight and Moab in a couple weeks with Marni and my dad.


Dave Harris said...

chris, you can't talk that much about stickers without actually saying what they were & what they represented. more meat less fluff!

Cellarrat said...

hehehe what dh said!

But I dig what your saying. My blog has kinna replaced my diary and its fun to look back and see where my head was and is....


Geoff said...

yeah, more info. about the stickers please :)

i got me a pair of those inov8's about 6 months ago but i really don't like them much. i like the idea of them and i think they'd be great for running or hiking on very smooth trails but running on rocks/roots they just don't have enough support. i feel like i'm running barefoot and that aint a good thing when there's all kinds of nasty stuff down there trying to jab into your foot.

endorphinum said...

Hey Chris,
what in god's name is "Cake Day"?
Here in Germany we celebrated just the reunion and you can bet that i would loooove to have a cake... but there was none :(

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Big greetz from Hamburg,