Wednesday, October 10

The end of an era

My galant shell left this afternoon. With the Colt leaving a couple months back, this feels like closure to my parting out and selling off of the car stuff. While I still have a shed full of parts to sell and some parts not even located at my house, the big stuff is now gone. It feels good to move on even though I'm definitely (very) sad to see it leave. Lucky for me, the new owner of the Colt already has it driving around town and this shell is not going to the crusher as I feared it may, but insted headed out to be amazingly reconstructed for winter duty here in Colorado. Good luck to both machines in their new homes and with their new owners. All this may sound silly but Marni and I have a lot of time, money and memories wrapped up in those cars. For now though, we're done. Maybe someday I will need a car of my own again and the turbo addiction wil be allowed to return.

Until then this is goodbye and never forget.


Marni said...

Oh, incredibly sad. It's an end of wrenching in the parking lot in the snow, shifter-cable-breaking-dates, putting a roof rack on in a lightning storm, sitting broken down on the side of the highway in -5 degree weather with no coat for four hours, heat-gunning sound stuff off the floor, racing boys in expensive cars and kicking their butts. Very sad day, but on to bigger and better things. On the plus side, our garage looks HUGE.

Doug said...

I like the picture of the Gallant poised to race with the classic Camaro, Mustang, and newer Corvette, with a bike rack on the roof. Gotta love that!

hdraper said...

I keep telling myself, if the pleskos can do it, I can do it.

10+ years, 230K miles, and bikes have put the car out to pasture.

"bike methadone for car heroin"

Scott said...

I'm so behind on reading stuff... the Galant is gone, awesome... it is the end of an era..