Wednesday, October 3

Buff Creek

Lots of calls for more info on the stickers. Okay I get it. I will oblige but first I'm way behind on some good events so I'm going to try to catch up while I wait for Marni to get home. Monday night Dave C was in town and Mr.Nice had some Buffalo Creek action planned for us. I ducked out of work as soon as I could get free and we crammed into DC's Xterra for the drive down to some great riding. We met up with Steve Slinker in the parking lot, packed lights and headed out. Dave leading us up the road to the good stuff. He was running the Endomorph tire on the front of his 'sheep.
Me looking strange. Steve and Dave (out of shot) just behind. Dinotte 600L on my head and another one on my bars. More on those later.
Man what an ugly place to ride, haha.
Seriously who picked this?
Steve climbing up the rollers on his Ground Up singlespeed.
Dave and the new Lev in fine style.
Stops at trail junctions were frequent as we let Mr.Nice lead the way. I couldn't tell you all the trails we rode but they all rocked. Mostly fast and buff with great flow and just enough rocks and technical challenges to keep you on your toes. Once following Steve I was happy to proclaim "I'm still alive!". He knew the trails pretty well and I was giving a good effort to stay on his wheel without any idea what was coming up.
As night fell among the trees we donned the lights. I led a lot from here on out except when following Steve at warp speed down the last few trails.
I think Dave C once said, "Man I can go a lot faster if I can stay within 30 feet of you." This is not referring to my mad skills, more so my stupid bright LED torches.
Did I mention Steve was fast? It was a lot of fun trying to keep up with him going down and definitely produced a few Oh Shit moments for me. Luckily he didn't seem to mind me casting weird shadows too much.
After the great 24 miles of riding and really fun climbing and descending we were starving. The Daves and I found an open IHOP in suburbia and ate there before they dropped me off back at home. Sleeping by midnight and up for work the next day. A little tired but the ride ruled and I'd gladly do it again. DC I hope you end up out here at DU, it was great riding with ya again!


Marni said...

How often does it happen that you are the only one with gears? Weird.

Looks like fun, you'll have to take me there!

Cellarrat said...

he wasn't the only one with gears DC had em as well..

such a good time Chris!