Monday, June 15


Photo courtesy of Mike C -- Spring Break 2009 in Utah

Talked to Chris this evening from Ovando, Montana. He sounded good and said he was doing "awesome". He has been riding with Kurt and Joe and the three of them sound like they are having way too much fun.

A little background:

Kurt is from Boulder and Chris rode with him for a good portion of the Arizona Trail, before he took advantage of his cold weather gear and zoomed ahead to eventually claim the win. Joe is from Minnesota (I think) and Chris rode with him for a while at TransIowa a few years back. Joe went on to win TransIowa this year in perfect style. Both are extraordinarily nice guys!

So... needless to say... the three of them fit together pretty well.

Chris's updates on his race so far? It's been wet. Everyday. He said nothing TOO terrible, but definitely a wet race so far. There was significant snow hike-a-biking through a few of the passes, but much better compared to last year in Chris's opinion. They slept in some interesting sounding wooden structure last night (I believe the quote was... "Joe wanted a KOA campsite, but we got a weird wooden structure instead"). They ended up sleeping on some boards 4 feet off the ground -- oooh, sounds comfy to me! They were mostly happy to get off the wet ground I guess!

As of now, they are in Lincoln. What they do from here is anyone's guess!

For an entertaining audio of Chris calling in from "Ho-vando", pop over to MTBCast, episode 4, about 17 minutes in. It's labeled as a call-in from Kurt, but no one can laugh at his own jokes like that except for Chris!




fuzz said...

Chris is on fire! I am amazed at how little he is carrying. Go Chris Go!! Thanks for the update Marni... keep them coming.

Paul said...

It looks like he is going after Matt Lee now! Tell Chris hi from Paul in Iowa!