Wednesday, June 17

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Photo from Spring Break 2009!

Wow the boy is flying!!

I got a call yesterday, when I was finishing up my own ride around 1:00, from Chris in Helena. They were doing good... eating, stocking up on food, going to the post-office, etc.

Late last night I got a call from him in Butte, where he sounded pretty tired after a long day, but still happy to have made it to Butte (last year, even with a shorter course, he stopped in Basin and was really bummed to not be able to push on to Butte). They decided to keep going, instead of stopping in Butte, and camped out a bit out of town. Today he told me that they had another hillarious sleeping situation, but he didn't have time to tell me about it. I just picture some three-way spooning action! Haha.

Chris just called (around noon) from Wise River. He is sounded much perkier and nearly giddy about their "Fleecer Ridge fun!" I remember last year he loved the descent off Fleecer Ridge and it seems this year was even better. He said they all took the cheater line down the techy sections and that they had to stop 2/3 of the way down to cool off their smoking brakes! It seems the rigid bike held up just as well as those with some squish, although he said he had to shake out his hands a few times when they stopped. He is really really pleased with their progress so far, their fast pace, and strateg-ery.

Sometime soon the boys will pass through Lima where Chris threw in the towel last year. I think he's anxious to lay that place to rest and get to ride into "Wy-daho" before hitting Wyoming.

Other than that, he said he has some great stories to share when, one day, we get to talk for more than two minutes.

I'm very proud of him and he's doing great!



**If you read the blog and have some words of encouragement or "rooting" -- please leave the comments. He mentioned that at some point he'll want and need to hear them. For now, he's cruising right along, motivated and excited, but we all have our bad days, and I'm sure some kind/funny/entertaining words from friends and family will come in handy!


LyndaW said...

Go Chris! This armchair blue dot stuff is exciting. You are doing great!!

Zvibleman said...

Keep it going! We love following your progress.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am clicking on your (and KR's) dot at the end of each work day, thinking about what kind of day you guys had, lots on envy, tons of respect! Keep it smooth & steady........

Todd Plesko said...

I am addicted to checking back and forth between the spot dots and any possible call ins on MTBcast. Its amazing your ability to keep going 100 miles Plus day after day. I am proud of you and wish I could be wating for you on the Mexican border.

Eat, drink and make sure you sleep.

Texas Todd

Becky said...

Way to go Chris! You're super impressive...take Lima by the horns!

Cornbread said...

Keep it up Chris! You're rockin' it! Nebraska is proud of you!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

You can do it! Don't give up!

jessica said...

Go, Chris, go! You're doing awesome, bro bro. Stay positive and don't give up! We're all rooting for you from behind our computers. I watch your blue dot everyday at work while I should be, you know, working. :)