Monday, June 29

Mmmm, pie!

One of my favorites from his camera so far.
He'll be doing a lot of this in a few days!

Chris made it to Pie Town.

"It only took me a year and a half to get here, but here I am!" he proudly announced over the phone.

Like I said, the boy loves pie. The idea of a town solely based around pie is a pretty exciting concept.

He said he took a lot of pictures! Including, for his mom, a slice of pie knit out of yarn.

Sounds pretty fantastic to me.

The next stop up is Silver City. He won't make it there all in one push. He plans to ride as far into the Gila tonight as he can and then stop to sleep. He likes the idea of not having a particular place in mind to stop for the night. He'll stop when he gets tired, start when he wakes up. Simple as that.

As of Pie Town, he is 300 miles from the end.

One map left.

I love that 300 miles sounds like nothing until I actually think about it. Chris and I made a deal that he would ride 2800 miles and I would ride 280 while he was gone. 280. 20 less than what he has to do in the next two days. And I didn't get anywhere close in two and a half weeks. He, however, will knock that out like it is nothing. Yes, I owe him a rockin' dinner for losing the bet.

Wow, a whole new perspective.

As for me, I'm heading out in a few minutes to stop at my sister's house in Colorado Springs for the night, before heading down to Silver City tomorrow. 9.5 hours of driving tomorrow. I've never been more excited to drive 9.5 hours by myself.

Hopefully I'll intercept Chris in the Wal-Mart parking lot tomorrow evening before he either stops for the night or stops for dinner and continues on.

Then hopefully...

Wednesday: Antelope Wells!

I can't believe it.

I can't wait.

And judging by the whines coming out of our dog right now, neither can Turbo... so I better load him into the car and hit the road.

I will most likely update one more time after Chris passes through Silver City and before I head to Antelope Wells.

Wish us luck.

GO PLESKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Cellarrat said...

GO PLESKO!!!!! hammer it!

Lummox said...


awesome posts,

chris is such a rock star. it is cool to see him hitting his stride like this, pretty inspirational.

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