Wednesday, June 24

Tough Choices

Photo of Kurt and Chris yesterday near Steamboat -- courtesy of Dave Nice

I write from a hotel in Kremmling where Chris just left to continue his journey and hopefully hit Breckenridge in time for a tasty lunch.

Last night, I expected Chris to keep pushing close to Breckenridge, when I got a call from him in Kremmling asking if I was interested in driving the two hours up to see him. He and Kurt had been trying to decide what to do when they rolled past Kremmling -- Chris wanting to stop and get some sleep, Kurt wanting to keep pushing so he can make a post-office pickup in Salida down the line. Chris was tempted to keep going, he didn't want to leave his riding buddy, but he knew the right decision for him was to stop for the night to get some sleep. So both of them made the tough choice to do what they thought was right for themselves. And I'm sure both of them will be better off for doing that. Who knows, they may even end up meeting back up at some point.

For Chris and I, getting to see each other even for just a short little while, was seriously needed. We are a couple that can spend 24/7 together and never get tired of each other. In the last eight years, the longest we have spent apart is a week. As we faced the possiblity of not seeing each other for almost 20 days for this race, we both made the decision to hook up when he came into Colorado, giving us each a little more energy to make it to the end. We knew it'd be hard, and we've yet to see if it was actually the best choice, but getting to sit and talk for a little while over breakfast was refreshing. The hardest part about the visit was the concept of being "self-supported." I really couldn't do anything for Chris -- couldn't bring him any delicious food, couldn't bring him fresh clothes or even toothpaste, and (hardest of all) couldn't rub his tired legs. Essentially, I showed up, chatted with him, slept next to him, ate with him, and watched him ride away this morning. But even getting to see him in that limited capacity was better than nothing.

So for today... Chris is off riding. I plan to meet him in Breck for a quick lunch before I head home to hang with the puppy. As Chris nears Salida tomorrow morning, I will go down and see him again while he works on his bike with the parts I have already overnighted to the bike shop. The good thing about this route -- it runs many different places that are no more than just a few short hours from our house. That way I can see him whenever we want, with no real amount of effort or driving.

The last stretch of trail, past Salida to the end, is going to be really tough. But Chris has a good plan, he's determined to finish, and I know he can do it. Hopefully this time next week, I'll get to see Chris and take him home with me. Yay!




Dave said...

Ohhh man, r e s p e c t to both of you. I know it's hard on your end, and can only imagine the temptation for Chris to drop would be greater after seeing you.

Thanks Marni, and keep it up. You add a whole welcome dimension to this.

Ed said...

Chris is rockin' it!!

Congrats to both of you and here's to continued good luck to the finish.


Dave Harris said...

You two are so darn cute. Sorry Chris ;) He is having such a great ride and sounding fantastic in every call in, I can't imagine dropping has even entered his mind. Not far off record pace for gearies - on a rigid SS. Who would have thought that possible? An inspiring ride thus far for sure.

Hammer on, go get some Antelope Plesko!

Doug said...

Go Plesko!!! I've been checking your progress every time I'm near a computer.

Thanks for the updates Marni!

Matt said...

Marni - keep with it girl - it must be tough, but Chris is kicking some serious miles on that bike. Wow, amazing. Hoping to be free in time to track him down near Del Norte, but whew he is moving too fast for my work schedule!

JenyJo said...

so glad you got to see him ... and to hear that he's doing really well, and is really committed to gettin' it DONE -- and in style ;-)

chris is one heck of a lucky man, marni!!!


Paul said...

Marni and Chris-

You two are amazing. You have an amazing relationship that are an inspiration to many couples. You are both lucky to have each other.

Tell Chris to keep up the great work.

Paul from Iowa.

Marni said...

Thanks for the nice words everyone! I know Chris really appreciates it -- he's excited to come home and see everyone's comments (rather than hearing it second-hand and usually butchered from me!). I appreciate the encouragement also. It's tough to be here without him (especially while I'm on summer break and without a job to distract me during the day!) but I'm very proud of him and how well he's doing!