Thursday, June 18

Yum! Lima beans!

Chris called today from Lima ("like the bean, not LEEEMAAA") apparently you get severely chastised for calling it leeeeeeema while you are there.

Last year Chris called me from Lima, practically in tears, unable to push himself on in his individual time trial. Several long hours later, I picked him up from the shadow of a crappy restaurant. He looked quite pathetic sitting there with a New York Times and a box of Cheerios. That visual in my memory is in complete contrast to my visual of him there this year.

Chris called around 12:30, tired and worn out from an already difficult day, but still happy and positive. They had pushed through miles of horrific mud, many of which were spent carrying their bikes on their backs. I conjure up memories from day 1 of our Kokopelli tour, and I really feel for them...
Chris and Bill pushing through the mud-monster -- Kokopelli Trail 2008

He mentioned that there was news in town that it had rained for the past 18 days straight -- turning any dirt road into a big muddy pile of crapiness. He had a list of parts for me to start tracking down, in case he needs them down the road at some point. He also, quite audibly upset, broke the news that he and Kurt would have to leave Joe behind in Lima. Joe apparently broke something on his bike and needs to wait out the night for a part to arrive. Hopefully he can get it fixed up quick and keep his amazing race going. Who knows, maybe he'll catch back up to the boys... it is a lonnnnnnnnnng race afterall! The three of them have had quite the entertaining journey and it has to be hard for all of them to break up the dynamic-threesome!

I am so proud of how far he has made it. Chris is an amazing person and he deserves to have a lot of fun and success on this trip. He certainly has worked hard to get to this point!




Todd Plesko said...

I recollect you didn't like LEEEMA beans.

Keep pushing Chris. Single speeds rock.


Jason Hilimire said...

Go Chris Go!!! Awesome to see and read about this!!

fuzz said...

Keep it up Chris, your are doing awesome!! Indeed SS do rock the house!

Dave Harris said...

Chris keep up the fantastic riding! Those years of hard work are paying off, you most certainly have earned this fantastic performance. Keep yer eye on the ball and keep on keepin' on!

And Marni, thanks for the updates, pics & perspectives.