Tuesday, June 30

Silver City!!

Just a quick update as Chris restocks his food supply at the gas station.

Chris actually ended up beating me to Silver City today because he's so darn fast (and apparently I'm Colorado-Springs-retarded). After leaving where he stayed last night at 2 am (eww), he was running from the storms and managed to get here in smokin' time.

As I pulled into Silver City, I was amazed at the hovering dark clouds near town that are showering lightning as we speak. I was a little worried about that, you know, not wanting my husband to get hit by lightning and all...

Anyway, sounds like Chris had the same idea. Instead of pushing on to camp tonight in the storm, he's eating and hitting the sack in the very near future (it's 6:15), then rolling out of here as early as he can muster waking up (midnight-2am is the desired time frame I think). From there, he'll have the 120 mile slog to the end. I will leave the hotel later, but still pretty darn early for me, and be meeting him at the end! Wohoo!!

Can't wait to bring my skinny boy home to fatten him up!




Paul said...

Awesome news! Congrats Chris and Marni!

Kent Peterson said...

Damn, that Plesko is one fast dude. And he got pie. Way to get 'er done, Chris!

PaddyH said...


Dave Harris said...

Speech! Speech!! Your fans demand more from the mystery man of one gear!

Cornbread said...

Congrats on the finish and the SS Victory! You rock! I'm excited to hear some more about your journey.