Thursday, March 15


Well I decided to get to Iowa in April for the race by plane. I want to road trip out there but my vacation days are few and the thought of driving on the way home isn't very appealing. Plus Marni can't come to help drive this trip. $200 now gone and I've got a flight out Thursday night and I fly back Sunday night. I've still got to rent a car but that can wait until I finalize sleeping arrangements. I might get something bigger if I'm sleeping in it.

Thankfully Dave and Mike will be hauling my bike out there in the eurovan so I don't have to deal with the airlines, UPS or FedEx breaking my shit before a 320 mile ride. Well time to leave work and start today's riding. I'll be done in oh, 6 hours or so. See you tonight Joel!

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Scott DL said...

Probably a good choice, there's not much along the lines of cool things to see in eastern Colorado, any of Nebraska, or most of Iowa... I guess you could stop at the archway [rolls eyes] :)