Wednesday, March 21

In and Out

DH is in, joining DC, Epic Adam and me plus an unknown number of others for this weekend's Rim Ride. Lots of rumors swirling out there in the enduro community about how hard this course is, how long it's going to take to finish and how many will show at the starting line. Time to put all that behind me and focus on *my* ride at this point.

Unfortunately Stefan is out. Broke C5,C6 and C7 skiing. Heal up soon, we're thinking healing thoughts for ya.

I'm on the late shift tonight which means I already put a nice 3 hour ride in today. The weather is gorgeous and mid 60s with light wind. Just about perfect riding weather. I had the trails all to myself this morning for the majority of my 40 something miles. Well I was sharing them with some great wildlife. Mallards, Canadian Geese, a Blue Heron, lots of praire dogs and even some of the bugs are back and reveling in springtime. Now it's time to tidy up the house and finish some weekend preparations before I head off to work. The new washer/dryer combo is arriving tonight so Marni and her parents will be here while I'm working making sure it all gets installed. Definitely looking forward to having our own washer again, even if I wash about 1% of the clothes. Rob and Dave I got both your questions and I'll try to give them a good answer tonight. Working the pallet run means lots of sitting around doing nothing and then WORK REALLY FAST for an hour so I should have some time to type out a reply.Oh yea, my camera is back thanks to wifey. And I will be wearing the wrist strap or attaching it to my pack from now on Jennifer :)

Hope you all enjoy your day!


Marni said...

Yay camera! 1% of the laundry though -- really??? :) :) :) I LOVE OUR NEW LAUNDRY MACHINE!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Come home soon, late nights at work are the pits.

Scott DL said...

I like the singlespeeder sticker! Be careful this weekend and good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your ride this weekend.
Please be careful.
I love you and will be thinking of you.