Friday, March 30

Gone again

Well I'm about 30% done with my Rim Ride write up and I have about 5 minutes to finish before I leave. Not going to happen. Crap.

I'm off to Bedrock, CO this weekend in hopes of scouting the Paradox Trail for the Grand Loop race this June. I'll be joined by the Daves, Harris and Nice. We'll be bike packing the trail baring excessive snowfall. I'll try to post back again Sunday night and wrapup my Rim Ride report too.


Dave said...

Make sure to check out the store.

Jill said...

Bedrock store? I dropped in there once during a bicycle tour. I bought an ice cream sandwich, gatorade, a baking potato, some pens and a can of tuna. They had a big sign on the front door about rewards for cattle hustlers. Great store! Have fun! said...

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