Friday, March 16


I found this looking for a picture of a donut this morning. It's a yarn donut and coffee Mom! Haha. Anyway the donut picture was because we had a donut collision here at work this morning. People randomly bring in donuts on Friday. There is no system or communication. Some Friday's there are no donuts, others there are. Well we haven't had them in a few weeks so 4 different people brought them in this morning. Whooops! At least it was a tasty mistake. Oh yea my camera should be back next week so no more google images after that.

Last night I had a good ride, almost 50 miles in total. I was a little frustrated on the ride to meet the gang being so spun out in my Rim Ride gearing on Cogsworth. I think it's going to be good for next Saturday but boy does it suck on the flats. It was fun having the Reba back on. I am a lot faster and more comfortable descending with a suspension fork. It's fun playing with the rigid and I can go fast with it on but it still beats me up and at the end of the day the Reba is faster. As I got to Boulder Res just before meeting everyone the sun had come back out and it was shining low on the water. That bit right there changed my mood for the better. There were two ducks who I imagined were racing, flapping their wings faster than my spun out cadence only inches above the water's surface. They were probably doing the same thing I was supposed to be doing, enjoying twilight on a crisp spring day so I got my head right and followed suit. The rest of the ride at Teller Lake was fun other than Marni's flat tire. Her Bonty's were really tight and I actually pinched tube #1 while installing it. I never use tire levers and I had to use 3 just to get this stupid tire off the rim. Grrr. Plus the tube I pinched was one of the $10 slime lite ones and I used a CO2 in (futile) hopes of getting the slime to seal the pinch. Oh well, live and learn. There are UST's in her future anyway to keep flats to a minimum without the DIY tubeless hassle.

Today I'm heading out on the road bike after work, maybe to Jamestown. I like that ride and I haven't been able to fit it into the schedule lately. It's more climbing but at least it's fun. Then Saturday I'll be doing some technical riding on the single to test the last of the Rim Ride changes and Sunday the gang will be out at Cherry Creek riding the time trial course a couple times. Time certainly flies by. I cannot believe we're halfway though March regardless of what my mileage total says. My body is certainly ready for a rest. This is the end of week three in the cycle. Add to that the sore ribs from my crash last weekend, an irritated ingrown toenail and a sore thumb and get a resulting cranky Christopher. Yes next week's rest and a couple days to sleep in (including this Sunday morning) will be well deserved to be refreshed before the race.


Anonymous said...

I loved the yarn donut and coffee! Yarn and coffee. . .two of my favorite things! I am now officially on spring break. Jessie and I are eating DQ to celebrate. She is going to work shortly and I must get to those pesky taxes. I hope to talk to you this weekend.

Cellarrat said...

See you Sunday =)

Pat Cox said...

Go and have someone take care of that toe. It could destroy on of your races.


Bill said...

yep, I would agree on the toe advice. I don’t know if you have had to deal with that before, but they have surgery that will do away with it permanently, both me and Shelby had to go through that.

The part on the ducks was cool, same sort of thing happened to me yesterday, on the Platte river bike path, this woman and her two dogs were out, not on a leash. When I came up on them, the smaller dog, kind of a terrier mutt was surprised, ran off into the tall dead weeds, but then started running along with me. Not after me, but racing me, through the weeds, ditches, jumping over rocks, weaving around trees. When I sped up, he would answer, making one of those half-barks / half grunts that dogs (and cyclists) make when they make a charge for more speed. The little guy hit about 21 mph; fast, considering he was making good work of the obstacles and brush while I was tooling along on a road bike on pavement. A very fun race indeed. Where do I sign up for a rematch?