Friday, March 9


Dave reminded me I'm slacking a bit on the blogging which is true in the most obvious way. 27 posts last March, this will make 2 for 2007 so far and we're 9 days into March. No pictures either as the camera is still somewhere in lala land.

I suppose between my wife, work, riding and packing for this weekend's trip to the desert there hasn't been time for much else. I've been running around like crazy rebuilding hubs, cleaning neglected bikes, packing for the trip, going riding where I can and trying to spend time with Marni. Today is the anniversary of the day we met and fell in love. I'm pretty sure every day of those 6 years since then have been the best days of my life despite anything else that happened because she's never left my side. Not to mention that she didn't quite know that all of this was part of the deal. However she not only accepts it but does everything in her power to help me succeed. Love you babe.

Yesterday I got to join Marni and her students at the Butterfly Pavilion for a field trip. I got to hold the tarantula and see lots of cool stuff while hanging out with 5 really cool little kids. Being back at my job was most depressing after getting to play teacher for a couple hours.

Last night I got in a great ride on the singlespeed with Joel and company in Boulder and around the res. Joel's minor chain calamity notwithstanding it was just what I needed to clear my head and legs plus my rebuilt hub worked much better than before. It will continue to suffice as a backup wheel for occasions such as this weekend. Afterwords Marni and I got some tasty Murphy's. It's a fun little non chain eatery plus they have small $0.99 brownie and ice cream desserts that are perfect. This morning Marni and I had our Friday morning Starbucks date and now I'm buzzing off a venti iced coffee and a cream cheese danish trying to remember everything that has to get done before Dave and I leave after work.

Well enough procrastination, I've got to get to work so I don't get fired. See all you boys in the desert. Work switched things up on me and we're getting a couple hour later start than I'd like but that's life. Mondo's at 7am tomorrow...

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Marni said...

Happy meetaversary! I hope you have a great trip! Thanks for the sweet words, I can't believe it's been 6 years! They've been the best 6 years for me too. You are wonderful!