Wednesday, March 14

Mile after Mile

Well this should be a quickie post. I tried to post the report from Moab with pictures this morning but Blogger was giving me the finger in terms of uploading images. Therefore I'll settle for the day by day update. Hopefully my camera shows back up soon so I can get some good images up.

Monday was an easy day and Marni and I took a spin around the neighborhood roads in shorts and a jersey enjoying the nice weather. Yesterday I was back at the training grind in 70 degree weather. I took the road bike out after work and put in a solid 66 miles with 5k vertical including meeting up with the Feedback guys for a bit. Koppenburg, Lookout, Red Rocks were all along the route. I also had my 4th recent flat and my 3rd one on the rear wheel (2 different tires!). I think I'm going to replace the rim strip and see if that's the problem or if I just keep getting unlucky punctures. Also Brady hosed a rear derailleur into his spokes and we had to convert his bike to a singlespeed to limp it back to Golden. Glad I had my headlight and flasher along as we ended in the dark post-repair.

This morning I got up and did my ride on the Fuel. I had to work the later shift so it was still a bit chilly but I covered over 40 miles and 2k vertical anyway. Colorado Hills was totally dry and starting to recover from the muddy trampling the dogpark'rs gave it. I spent the rest of the ride running the Big Dry Creek trail from end to end with a few side trips up some dirt and gravel climbs. Now all that sounds pretty good right?

Well I thought so but it's nothing extraordinary for where I've been this year. I'd like to give congrats to Marni and Dave however for stepping up and really training hard at their own level. They both have put in some really amazing work in March so far and are going to reap the rewards this summer. Great job guys!

Okay back to work...


Marni said...

Work? Bah! You've done good yourself, I'm very proud of you!

Cellarrat said...

Its all good.... thanks for the props!

Joel White said...

You gonna make the Thursday night ride again? This one will be even less technical (if you can believe that) than last week. Rumor has it that at least one other wife will be there, so Marni should come ride this time.