Tuesday, March 6


No not from riding silly! It's time to retire the Old Pueblo post from the top of the blog. It hasn't totally pushed it's way out of my mind but thoughts have moved onto positives and areas of improvement. Lots else has been happening although I don't have pictures because I'm a dumbass and I dropped my camera and broke it. These one's today are pre-dropage. It's currently on it's way to being repaired by the people at Cannon. I have been riding, a lot acutally. I'll decline to post actual figures only to say that there is a century in there and I've been trying to keep up with Mr.Nice for March. I'm not far behind as of today. If I had to bet I'd say he'll end up kicking my butt but it's fun trying to keep up. The weather has been nice here and with DST fast approaching the itch to ride outdoors is strong. Marni and I have done several rides together lately including up Lookout Mountain with Bill plus a neighborhood cruise and some actual dirt action today. Marni's Fuel and my SS are a bit dirty but happy to keep the road miles down whenever possible. She's feeling the fatigue of new steady training but it's going to pay off if she continues to push through. I keep getting faster too so I suppose that affirms things are still moving in the right direction. My lunch loop today on Cogsworth was just shy of 18mph which is definitely a new record and my legs recovered from a 150/9 weekend beating with just one day of active recovery.
Now it's time for dreams of TransIowa, KTR and mostly the Grand Loop to dance in my head thanks to Dave Harris and StephanG. Dreams of red dirt and the Rim Ride are almost reality since I'm running off to the desert this weekend with DaveC, Adam, Mr.Nice, Fred and maybe others(?) for some course scouting. Camping and technical riding oh baby! The new GoLite pack will get it's first *real* shakedown, hopefully affirming it's use in the aforementioned Grand Loop.


Marni said...

Ah, the fatal last picture before "the drop" haha. You've done great riding, have fun this weekend!

Becky said...

i know of a nice camera that you could borrow, but if you have a habit of dropping them, I don't think that I'd want to ruin our new AWESOME camera:) In all honesty, I hope that your camera heals quickly.

Joel White said...

I'm heading out to Moab this weekend as well, so maybe we'll run into you. We'll be in a navy Subaru (who isn't in that car?) with a couple Mavericks and my Yeti 575 on it.

What bike are you taking? I'm much better at picking out bikes than people... :)

Chris said...

I'll be taking the green Redline Monocog and the grey/black Trek Fuel. Probably spend most of the day on Saturday on the Monocog dressed in yellow and black CU Tri team kit or white and blue Feedback Sports team kit. If it's cold enough you won't miss my red knee warmers.


Joel White said...

Well never mind all that dribble I posted above, trip organizer bailed so its back to the ski slopes for me this weekend I guess.

We're doing a night ride in Boulder tonight. Won't be a really long or fast ride, but a ride on dirt nonetheless. 6:15 at Neva Rd parking lot in Boulder if you are interested.