Wednesday, June 13

But it's a good tired

There are lots of pictures to go along with this post but the camera batteries died so I'll have to wait until morning to upload them. The stats say I rode 38+ miles and 4800 vertical feet today. The fine print says it was almost all offroad on the SS. It was fun to be back training. Lost in the hustle to prepare for all the big races since the end of April was the fun of training and riding. Seems like I found that in spades today.

Lots of great riding to say the least. Marni and I had a great lunch ride. After work Bill and I hammered up Falcon to a new climb PR and then cruised over and down Lair of the Bear. At the bottom we met the rest of the gang which was quite a large group tonight. Dinh, Erik, Michelle, Scott, Melissa, Truesdale, Marni, plus Bill and I all rode LotB to the top again and then back down followed by dinner in Morrison. The weather was perfect and so were trail conditions. Yesterday's rain was barely evident and only then in a couple small puddles. Erik did take a big tumble though and landed on his hand pretty hard. He was able to keep going and ride really strong on his SS but his hand was painful and swollen after the ride. Hope all ends well Erik, ouch. My ribs are still annoying me and I have a couple blisters on my hands too from today (WTF? I never get blisters) but otherwise I felt pretty good all day. I was even starting to get some explosive pep back for once.

Okay time for sleeping and I'll upload the pictures in the morning. Feels good to be back.

Picture time!


Becky said...

Great pictures Chris. I'm glad that you're back to bloggerland. I hope that your ribs are healing. You must've taken quite a spill! I'm glad that you're still alive and relatively okay.

Marni said...

Fun rides yesterday, must eat LOTS to make up for it today :)

Why does my helmet always look retardedly tipped? We need to fix that.

Scott said...

Awesome pictures!