Monday, June 25

Short and Fast

Got out for a quick one tonight. Just me and the birds. I was hoping for hot but the clouds and threatening skies only made it warm. Pave, gravel, doubletrack and even some secret singletrack.
I don't think Mr.Giant Bird sees too many guys like me and I don't see many like him so I stopped for my one photo break. The singletrack was too fun to stop on. This stuff was easy to follow compared to most of it. Either it was so faint you could pretend you were on the Paradox playing GLR racer or so overgrown you had to keep watching for every turn as the trail disappeared 3 feet in front of you into vegetation.
The team kit was dirty from the day before so I sported the argyle instead. Maybe Mr.Eagle appreciated it watching me from his high perch. All and all I was surprised. One bottle of Perpetuem and some pep in the legs netted me 22 miles in 90 minutes. It's the first time in a while my legs have felt half decent. I came home to dinner prepared and put my feet up the rest of the night. Maybe eventually I'll feel like I want to again. Looks like more fun tomorrow on the MTB with the teammates. Gears or SS...tough decisions.


Dave Harris said...

Better back off the soy amigo. The estrogen is not good for ya.

Marni said...

haha, moooobs. Who made you dinner? She must be awesome.