Thursday, June 14

How'd that happen?

Last night we had no plans. Tonight we're both registered for the second Winter Park race of the season on Saturday. That's right Marni and I are already joining the gang for another race, this time one that goes up and down. After ripping it up with Bill yesterday I think my legs are getting their snap back post GLR so the Fuel will be called into duty and I'll be racing with a purpose. Just keep the "no crash" mojo going as the ribs are far far far from 100%.

Wish Marni luck on her first XC mountain bike race! After two hill climbs, a time trial series and more experience on the downhill she's ready and going to do great.

P.S. That means no camelback full of jackets this week!

1 comment:

Marni said...

Eeek, scary! Good luck to you too! DON'T CRASH... you've been hard enough to live with lately ;) Just kidding... sorta... :D