Thursday, June 28


First I want to give a quick plug for Mr.Dave Nice. You kicked butt attempting the GDR on the fixie and we can't wait until you're back to hear all the stories. Great job man, we're all so proud of you. Talk to you soon. Okay onto the rest of the blog...

Marni has been determined to get faster lately so we've been trying to ride together in places where I can give her tips and help her improve her skills as well as push up her endurance limit. One of the best times is my lunch ride at Colorado Hills. So yesterday we headed out for a nice hour ride and got to work on some technique stuff and enjoy a break from work for a bit. We put in a nice 10 miles of mixed road, paths and some real off roading and were already seeing some new stuff put into action.

After work we headed down to Centennial Cone for the group ride with the gang. In the Element on the way down an entire loaf of banana bread disappeared but I think Marni might have been the culprit. This time were prepared with lights after our first time finishing the trail with just Mr.Nice's light (all 6 of us) but it proved unnecessary. Everyone was moving quickly and we had a great group with Scott, Melissa, Mike, Jeanie, Bill, James, Truesdale, Tyler (welcome!), Marni and I in attendance. Bill and I rode up Mayhem Gulch for that extra couple miles and 800 feet of climbing and met everyone else in the upper parking lot. I stole all these great pictures from Mike and there are a few more pictures as well. I think I have a couple too but I didn't get to download the camera yet. The weather was cool and humid, odd for Colorado summer but enjoyable. The flowers were still everywhere and the views still sucked (you hear that MTBR?). Hehe. Here is Marni climbing up the hill leading a train.

Bridge wheelie!
Bill and Marni with aero Bunny. James coming up behind now unipedalling it. His cleat pulled out of his shoe!
The gang happy with only a short downhill to go and ahead of the setting sun.
Yep still not pretty.
Not here either. So Marni has another "2 a day" in the books and she's riding really strong. Her downhilling is quite improved from a year ago and she's starting to roll right down technical elements with no hesitiation and some good speed. It's almost like she's a different rider. Funny how training more will do that. I am feeling better as well. I'm sore and tired today but in a good way finally. The kind of way that lets me know I'm riding everyday and getting in some good efforts. Today will be an easier day but I'm hungry for more again. Should be a fun upcoming week with a big ride planned with Ramin on Saturday morning and joining Erik and company for the Mt. Evan's assault on the 4th. Then just 3 days later is the next WP race. I wonder if Marni is going to sign up? Maybe by then I'll be closer to making the next big decision.

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Marni said...

It sure was nice to not get dropped like, well, something that gets dropped quickly. It must've been that entire loaf of banana bread that YOU ate.