Sunday, June 17


Fun weekend. Marni did her first XC MTB race and she had an awesome time! She also did her first night ride with me on Friday. I raced on Saturday too and ended up 8th since the new age group is fast and kicking my enduro butt. Ripped up the downhill on the new tires and was much improved in that regard compared to last year. Gave it my all on the uphill to stay with the leaders but I just couldn't hang after the first couple miles of attacks. Also Stefan and I got to chat about the GLR some while we had flashbacks sherpa'ing gear and camp chairs around the course watching our wives race.

Today was for sleeping in and a family dinner for Marni's dad Jim which was lots of fun. When I got home I got my fill of GDR updates and tinkered with some gear. Experience and evolution at work here searching for lighter, more accessible, more comfortable and more durable but not always on the same item. I'm itching to get out on some weekend bike touring soon too. It's very strange not going for long rides right now and drawing on topo maps and reading blogs only does so much to replace it. I'm sure my body appreciates the rest though and my mind isn't whooped like last year post Firecracker. I also made a half hearted attempt at researching the Fuel's possible replacement but I need a real test ride on one of the candidates before I can even think about it futher. Plus it's pricey and that's a $cary thought.

Oh and happy father's day to my pops. Now you better update your blog Dad!

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We're so cuuuuuuute :)