Saturday, June 23

I give

Okay okay I give in. I'm finally trying Perpetuem. I bought a can in secret this weekend at a retail outlet (gasp...). Will I become a Hammer pusher like many enduronuts? I dunno. But even though I try to beat my head against the solid food, more cal/oz wall I keep circling back to one truth.

For me, liquids go down better. So much better in fact that I can't understand why I keep resisting the inevitable. The lame reasons? I like Ensure Plus but it isn't available in a powder in Plus form or in chocolate (my favorite flavor by far). It is impossible to carry liquid Ensure Plus in sufficient quantity for a multiday event and really even for something beyond ~6 hours it becomes impractical. And Ensure is probably a little heavy on the fat percentage but I don't feel hungry using it. I don't like Hammer or other specialty products because I can't walk into a grocery store and buy them like Ensure. Sure I make the exception with Endurolytes but I only have to buy a jar of those once in a while and they're stocked at my LBS should I forget and need them last minute. Also they aren't easily duplicated from things at the grocery store in pill form. Then again I do cringe at the $25 pricetag. But Perpetuem I have to order or make a special trip to buy them and plan ahead. I try but planning ahead isn't always my strong suit. I'm motivated by pressure which leads to last minute scrambling at times. Also something like the CTR might require $100+ in Perpetuem and I'm not likely to carry it all from the start. More logistical complication and chance for the post office to screw me. Pessamist today?

But if it works! If it works then I'm happy. When I struggled during the GLR and other races I could still get down my Gatorade but it lacks the calories and protein I need for a complete substitute. Powder is easy to package in a lightweight and reasonably durable Platypus bladder and easy to use. I can mix a multi hour bottle once in a while and reach down quick to drink. Done and done. I hate stopping to eat or dig more food out of my pack or even jersey pockets on these long races especially when it's technical riding. So much so that as I get tired I stop doing it which leads to more tired until I bonk and am forced to stop and shovel food down. The problem continues when I don't want to eat anything I packed and chewing is distateful or painful (another issue). But if I have liquid fuel? Down the hatch and swallow and I'm good. No chewing and only momentary effort that is easy to do while riding. Enough rambling, I'll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes.In other news I tried out a Moots YBB today thanks to the boys at Vecchios. Fuel replacement? Too early to tell. I'm not sold yet but I am intriged enough to try to wrangle a test ride from a friend who owns a 26" wheeled version in something close to my size. The benefits are real. Easy to work a light rear rack with some eyelets welded on. No shock to break. Lighter and simpler than the Fuel which hopefully equals more durable. Downsides? Pricey as hell. Is the small amount of suspension action better than a hardtail or a hardtail with some other method of cush like a bigger tire or suspension post? Also the size 20" would use a 28.6 seatpost, sort of an oddball size rendering use of a Thomson Masterpiece unlikely. And still probably a pound or more heavier than the plastic frame I have sitting in my basement but of unknown reliablity. Did I mention they're expen$ive yet?

Last bit of news is new gloves. I gave the 2007 Fox Sidewinders a real try but compared to my now dead 2005 version they just aren't an improvement. More weight, less ventilation, more annoying rubber crap, expensive at almost $40 and a new annoying seam. I've tried on tons of pairs but so far I didn't find anything that fit my hand well and didn't have annoying seams or extra junk all over them. I'm moving onto some Fox Inclines though and so far they're promising. Minimalist design, areas with breathable fabric, cheaper at $20 and so far they seem comfortable. They're kind of ugly in brown and grey but I'll live with that if they fit and keep my hands happy.

Got some good riding planned for tomorrow so hopefully I'll have something more exciting to post then.


Marni said...

I'm so proud of you for trying your new fueling options. I hope we can find something that you will like to eat on your long rides. How about freeze-dried steak, twice baked potatoes, and wine? Mmmmm, sounds good to me!

Dave Byers said...

I am a Perp user but not a pusher. :) When you try it out for the first time, don't mix it up too concentrated. For me, the hotter it is, the less concentrated I can stand it. I tend to use the "6 scoop" 24 oz bottle a lot which for me is 3-3.5 hours worth of calories.

Becky said...

Marni, I like the freeze dried style, maybe Chris could also use a couple freeze dried doughnuts too. I think that'd give a good desert to the otherwise scrumpcious meal, don't you think?

UltraRob said...

I made the switch to all liquid for races including 24 solo mountain bike races before Hammer came out with Perpetuem. I was using their Sustained Energy. It took a few tries before I could stand it. Getting really sick to my stomach in Montezuma's Revenge when I was using Gu and Cytomax finally got me to switch for good.

I like the Perpetuem much better than Sustained Energy. I actually like to mix in some HEED with it sometimes. I don't think it would be too bad to carry enough for the CTR but I've been trying to figure out how to do it for the GDR. I know one of the guys doing the GDR this year is using all Hammer products and spent a while figuring it all out.

Adam Lisonbee said...

Perp. is sorta chalky on its own, but I like it with HEED. It also tastes good with Hammer Gel.

Fueling is such a tricky thing for me. As soon as I think I have it figured out, I run into some other challenge.

Good luck with it, it really is a good product.

Marni said...

After trying the perp. I think you are crazy. I don't think anything has made me get that instant puke back up reaction as much as that did. Eww.

Fxdwhl said...

Though I've yet to try perpetuem I've seen it works wonders for a friend. He whips out a big baggie like a coke fiend and I warn him about the federallies watching.

I myself an still a fan of food. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to start a 'habit' of hard to find fuel.