Thursday, August 16


Sorry Dad but the first thing I wanted to do was ride my bike when the doc said I could. The last two weeks combined were less than any other week since last December and filled with uncertainty. Actually first Marni and I got DQ ice cream so I could eat all my meds. Then we rushed to meet the gang. Here is Bill taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. Only he's trying to figure out his camera first.
As seems usual with Red Rocks for us, it was raining. We all hid in the car until it stopped. Score one for the toaster.
Here is Erik having fun playing with his rain jacket and closing Bill's open trunk in the downpour.
Then the skies cleared and we took a chance on the ride. Puddles were draining off and the sandy soil was rideable enough without hurting the trail. Rocks were another story.
We looped our way around with dark clouds threatening but lightning far away. The wind huffed and puffed but couldn't blow our fun down. We even all had lights for the inevitiable and ever earlier arrival of darkness.
Remember those wet rocks? Yea that made it interesting. I'm pretty sure the only person that didn't go down was Michelle, our newest MTBer. Bill elbow dropped a rock. Erik slid multiple times as did I since we were rocking the SS's. Standing and technical wet rocks was not so easy.
Here is Bill holding Erik's bike so Erik could go take pictures of Michelle. Riviting photography I know.
Then Marni bit it. Yes those are tire marks. Ouch. She later fell again into another rock with her knee shortly after I made a run off the bike save in the dark.
Marni kept checking for those pesky mountain lions but we didn't see any. Just Bill saw a bear this week in the cool wildlife encounters column.

Jason's Deli for dinner but no free chocolates this time. There was some delicious chocolate surprise in my ice cream cone though! Man it was nice to go ride without worrying for the first time in a while.


Scott said...

I ended up working until 9 and was right back in at 7.. I'm more than bummed about missing the ride.. :(

Marni said...

Yeah, the wet rocks made it quite interesting, that's for sure. Should I mention that *we* remembered lights this time but *we* forgot to check them first so *marni* had to ride without lights? :) Hehe. Glad you could come ride again, I missed my riding par'ner.

bill said...

That was a good ride, it was a good suprise to see ya at the lot, knowing that meant nothing too serious..

Cellarrat said...

glad you got out.... I've slept like 50 hours in the last 3 days and still tired...

anyhow let me know if your interested in the moonlight