Tuesday, August 14


You know how when you're a kid you go to bed and no matter what was wrong the night before, you wake up and it is fixed? I want that back.

Swelling and yellowing continues to go down and I'm on self imposed rest for a little longer. It doesn't hurt to pedal but that lump is still there. Picture a golf ball on the back of my leg just below the crease when you bend your leg. Marni is wondering if I just need to go see someone and have them drain it as it feels like fluids. When I'm up and walking around at work everything loosens up and I can almost walk without a limp.

This is not how I was wishing to spend August. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!


Dave Byers said...

Go to the doctor, today.
If it is simply a mattter of draining the goo out of that thing you might be back in action quick.

Chris said...

I've got a sterile needle right here! I just don't trust that my GP is going to do anything to help the situation. Here's $82...thanks now go home and rest it.

If I try to go to a specialist, who do I go to?

Geoff said...

you might want to check out this website:


Geoff said...

i guess that link got cut off. anyway, it sounds like it might be a bakers cyst. you might want to try a google search for that. google's not the best doctor in the world... but better than many :)

Chris said...

Efff me. I don't like the looks of that. Sigh. I guess it's time to go to the doctor.

Chris said...

"Baker cysts can become complicated by protrusion of fluid down the leg between the muscles of the calf (dissection). The cyst can rupture, leaking fluid down the inner leg to sometimes give the inner ankle the appearance of a painless bruise. Baker cyst dissection and rupture are frequently associated with swelling of the leg and can mimic phlebitis of the leg."

More f*ck.

Chris said...

Alright I have an appointment but they couldn't get me in until tomorrow. Now I'm not very happy about this. Dammit dammit dammit.

Jill said...

That is really a bummer, Chris, I feel for you.

Your injury could be a lot of things, and I hope the doc can give you answers without expenseive tests. My MRI in April showed a medium-sized Baker's cyst on the back of my knee. While I freaked out about it, my doctor said it was no big deal. It is just a collection of crap built up from the healing (and draining) of other injuries - in my case, Chondromalacia - and unless they are causing you specific pain, doctors usually won't remove them, opting to let them go away on their own.

Two years ago, I also had another myseterious leg injury that immobilized me for about a month. I tore up the muscles in my calf on a mountain bike crash, which resulted in blood clotting. Early on I had strange swelling in my lower leg, followed by weird, long-steaked bruises that followed for more than six weeks. Also something the doctors told me I'd have to clear up on my own.

I'm as skeptical as anyone about the effectiveness of doctors, but I think it's good you are going. I wish you the best of luck.

Marni said...

Wow Geoff, excellent job with the googling -- I've been trying to figure out how to diagnosis it through google since he did it -- nice work!

Don't worry my Christopher. We'll get you better.

Geoff said...

marni, i had a headstart on the baker cyst thing since jill had one this past winter... and there's still the quite high chance that that's not what it is at all. good luck at the doctor tomorrow, chris.

Doug said...

My wife, Susan, fell on the trail while hiking a few weeks back. She got a big bump just below her knee. Then her whole leg and ankle bruised up over the next week. She finally went to the doctor. Turned out to be a hematoma. She apparently broke a blood vessel or something and a pocket filled with blood. The doctor said it wasn't in a vein so no worries about a blood clot. He told her to stay off it for a week, keep it elevated as much as possible and buy a ted hose to wear on that leg. Ted hose are those stockings older people with circulation problems wear. You can buy them at any Walgreens type store. Her leg cleared up in a week. However, good choice to see a doc. You don't want any clotting of blood!!

Ed said...

Chris - glad you're going to see a doc for that, it's best to be safe if things aren't healing up as expected.

Get better quick!!


Dave Harris said...

Dang Chris. How'd it go with the doc?

I can commiserate. My August is quite a bit different than planned as well, along with mid July and September.

But...there is always a silver lining - you just have to find it. Or maybe it will find you.

Heal up pal, we've got some riding to do!