Sunday, August 26


So I'm starting my Moab block a day early thanks to inspiration from crackhead #1 and crackhead #2. Marni made some roast chicken tonight so I'm pretty sure I'll be sweating gravy.

Yesterday's race was nothing to write home about for me. The field left me for dead on the 3.5 mile dirt road spinning an 18mph average on the SS. I attacked once we hit the climb, rode well and punctured bad somewhere on the first descent. Still in the race I gambled on the slow leak sealing back up and hit it with my CO2. 4 miles later it was flat again and I limped along until someone bummed me a pump. Thanks SS Maverick guy! From there I did my best to recover but not being in any decent position anymore took the wind out of my sails and I coasted in to watch the rest of my friends and teammates finish.Everyone else did a fantastic job. Marni finished the series in 2nd place for the beginner women 19-29 and earned herself an upgrade to Sport for next year. Bill kicked ass to win the Clydes along with Jason in 2nd and Brady in 3rd to earn himself an upgrade to Expert next year. Erik placed 11th, just shy of that top 10 he was wanting with cramping issues. Scott, Melissa, Truesdale and Dan all did great too with Michelle taking pictures of all of us at the Vasquez Ford. Thanks! A special mention goes out to Mike who crashed hard and broke himself good. The newest member of the broken collarbone club. Jeanie gave up her race to drive him all the way back to Denver too. Heal up man and let me know if there is anything Marni and I can do for you. Ouch!Today Marni's parents came up and we worked on finishing up some stuff in the kitchen. It's looking really good and we're excited for my mom and sister come out this week for a visit. Plus we made some decisions on what to try next and see if we like it before we pick out new cabinets hopefully next year. This winter, garage remodel finally!That's a wrap for tonight. I think some Rage would be good or perhaps some Rancid might be better...


Cellarrat said...

Don't think that fan is big enough =)

Dave said...

Hey man, if I'm inspiring anyone these days I'm excited. I did wake up at 530 and bust out a core workout on the deck as the sun rose. Elastic tubing can be so much fun.

Got some DJ Shadow from iTunes yesterday for old times. Good stuff.