Sunday, August 19

You can tell

It's been a good summer when your bikes are dirty because you've been riding too much to clean them. Bill, Marni and I are off to Winter Park. I feel much better now after finally getting some real sleep last night and will post the White Rim pictures tonight.


Scott said...

Good to hear you are back safe!

Man, my bike has some miles on it this year but not as much as other years and it's still falling apart... today my rear wheel catastrophically came untrued, Melissa and I were playing in a little sprint and it was like the whole back of the bike went sideways, back in the parking lot several spokes were totally unthreaded. It still rolls and I'll have it trued again for Saturday but it's new wheel time. Add that to an aging and dying RockShox fork and the fact that my mechanical discs feel archaic to Melissa's new Juicy's...

Chris said...

Stan's rims, your choice tubeless or not. Just build them on those same hubs if they're still good. The 355 would probably be the rim of choice although you can go Olympics if you want to save every last little bit. Word on the street is that the 355 is a much better rim overall.

Limp the fork into the winter until the new SID comes out. If it's good get that. If it sucks get a Reba. Me x 2, Marni and Bill can't all be wrong. :)

You could drop some weight from the bike with hydros but my mechs always feel great if I overhaul them with new cables/housing. It's just a different feeling than with the hydros. I do have to admit that the hydros seem to have a bit less lever effort over an extended ride time. They've been nearly maintainence free though, much less than I ever thought they'd be reading all the MTBR bitching about every brand under the sun.

Bike upgrading is fun! Especially when you have a good reason :)