Saturday, August 11

Legs up and bored

It's pretty hard sitting here resting my leg all the time. I'm not sure how those who are broken much more than me do it. It's barely been 7 days now and the swelling is at least going down. My leg is nasty yellow still and my foot is all purple at the bottom with all the junk draining down there. The fires are stoked though and next Friday I'll be back somewhere I've been missing for a while if all goes well. The singlespeed is back in action and I'll be racing it at King of the Rockies. Hopefully by the end of the month I can have all the bikes fixed or complete and back in action. No matter which winter race I choose, I need some time on the Pugsley well before then. Not to mention that Moab is just over 2 months away and the desire to race will be raging. I'm really looking forward to all the upcoming training.

Time for more movies and reading I guess. Enjoy the outside for those of you who can.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your injury.
Feel better soon.

Adam Lisonbee said...

I am looking forward to Moab as well. I will be racing on a team this year, so that should give me time to come over and harass you solo freaks!


Geoff said...

hey chris,
you mentioned a bit ago on jill's blog about maybe having an ISIS crankset that you're not using. i promptly told jill that she already had an ISIS crank on her "snaux" bike and all she needed was to get a 100mm bottom bracket and she'd be all set. well, of course I was wrong. her crank from her other bike is power spline, not ISIS. anyhow, before hitting up ebay i thought we'd see if you do in fact have an ISIS crankset? if so, what model is it and how much do you want for it?