Sunday, August 19

Preride action

Tipperary Creek is a very nice climb. Bill just ahead.
Marni just behind.
At the top.
No big or little snowmobiling allowed.
Just the kind of picture Jill doesn't like. In no way does the photo capture the real view.
Rollin, rollin, rollin...
All smiles.
I think that's the fastest 18 miles of non-MTB racing Marni and I have ever done together. Can't wait for the race. I'm SSing it this year.


brg said...

what gearing will you be running?

Chris said...

36x20 most likely.36x18 if for some reason I think i'm superman.

Scott said...

Is that a little snowmobile or just a guy thinking about a little snowmobile while riding his big snowmobile?

Or perhaps it's no riding a big snowmobile while there are clouds that look like little snowmobiles?