Thursday, August 9

Here and now's rapid fire series of blogs brings us back to the present. Last night the Wednesday night ride group hit White Ranch. It was an introduction for the girls including Belcher and Mustang. Marni did really well, even wanting to come back although she was noticably hesitant about riding all of Mustang without further practice. It is a tough trail with far too many man made waterbars.I climbed on the single joined by Erik plus Dave on his fixed 'sheep.
Marni looked fresh despite just climbing the first half of Belcher.
I was in the TwinSix gear.
The cuts are healing but the leg is still not better yet.
Fun was had by all. After this regrouping we moved quickly to finish the trail before dark totally set in. It had been a while since I'd been to WR but I need to go back. That trail does challenge me on the single.
Tonight Marni is out with the girls and I'm home with my feet up. I'm resting the leg, trying to get it healed. In the meantime I'm blogging and thinking a bit about the future.

Moab is on the schedule unless this leg injury drags on but that seems unlikely. Between now and then I'll be headed back to the White Rim and the Kokopelli trail. Marni and I have a few more 14ers in mind before the snow flies and perhaps some even after. On the winter schedule I've got a decision to make. The Pugs will be in service preparing for the Arrowhead, Susitna and/or the Iditarod to McGrath. If I go to McGrath I will do the Arrowhead as a tune up as I don't have enough money or vacation to go up for the Susitna and stay through the Iditarod. If I decide against the 350 miler then the Susitna is appealing because I want to go to Alaksa, but then again the Arrowhead is a longer and perhaps tougher race that is easier to get to logistically. Plus I'm hoping Dave's race will happen in early January. Decisions, decisions...

The bike projects are coming along although I'm stalled on brakes and cranks a bit. I think I will try different options on different bikes although the thought of buying 3 new sets of nice disc brakes (Pugs, hardtail, Fuel) is a bit daunting. At least I decided that I have all the suspension forks I need until I see the next iteration of the SID. Okay I'm actually tired of blogging. Now you all can comment :) Jill I know you'll have a snow race schedule comment!


UltraRob said...

You're making me want to get out and get some good riding in. My job is just sucking way too much energy right now. One way or another, things will be different in a couple months even if it means I'm unemployeed. I'm sure that would stress of its own but I can't take more of what I've been getting.

Hope you heal up quickly!

Jill said...

Well ... yeah!

I agree that Arrowhead is the more difficult of the two "short" races. I also think that the Susitna as a warm-up to McGrath is risky, given they're only a week apart. However, I've always been one of the slower people, out there pushing for 20 hours. Doing the Susitna and the Ultrasport in the same year has never been a problem for fast guys like Pete Basinger.

If you're choosing between Susitna and Arrowhead, I say do both! You won't regret Susitna. It's amazingly beautiful out there, and you'll only see one road in 100 miles. However, I hope you choose to do the Ultrasport. You'll be competing with guys like Pete and JayP, so it should be a hard-burn race, and Geoff and I would love to see you at the start. Plus, I know you'll compile a great gear list, and I'm hoping to sneak peeks at what you buy :-)

How's that for a comment?

Marni said...

Ha! What about the wife's comment on all of those plans? Hmmmm...lucky for you, you'll get my comment in person ;) Haha.

Scott said...

Nice ass pic! Man, you gotta warn me when you take those... :)

Chris said...

The Susitna/Ultrasport double is appealling if a bit risky even for me since they're only 1 week apart. Plus I'd have to stay up in Alaska between the races since I couldn't afford to go home and come back. But I don't have enough vacation to be gone that long at my current job.

The Susitna/Arrowhead double has promise as well.

Going McGrath is a big decision I'm not ready to make yet but it's definitely on my mind. I'll be preparing a gear list (hell I've already got several versions). Anything you want to know just ask, I will share details.

Dave Byers said...

The timing of your post is perfect. I have been contemplating the exact same schedule dilemas myself. I am definitely going to AK this Feb and I am leaning towards the Su100. But racing to McGrath keeps popping into my mind.
And then there is the race I hope/plan to put on in late January. I have spent a lot of time with the maps but I can't comment on difficulty until I get out and ride all of it. I do know it will have far more climbing than the other 100 milers.
The smart plan for me would be to do two 100 milers this year and then race to McGrath next year.

Chris said...


Late January huh? That might throw a wrench in the triple 100, although maybe that would be fun anyway. I want to support that race though since it's close to home.

I've also got 24HitOP tossing around in my brain. Such a delimma to have so many fun races to do! :)

Dave Byers said...

Shoot me an email at dave dot byers at coolersoft dot com anytime. The two dates I have in mind are actually Jan 12th or Jan 19th. My thinking is that those dates give someone plenty of time to recover for one of the Feb races.
On paper, I think I have nailed the 50K and the 100 mile course. I just have to create the GPS files and ride them.