Thursday, March 20


I've been intending to post a nice big update but seeing as we leave for vacation tomorrow night, time is running short and I don't see that improving until we're on the road. I'm still alive, enjoying a short rest as training so far has matched the month, roaring like a lion. I'm feeling light, fit and really pumped to ride every time I hop on the bike. The singlespeed finally has fresh rubber as well, replacing 2 very, even comically, old tires.

In other news I have a really big and GOOD announcement coming once I have time to put a proper blog together. For now I better get back to work as I've got lots to do so I can be gone on our kickass vacation for 9 days. Hell eff'n yea.

More to come.


Paul said...


If you don't mind me asking, what do you do for a job?


Marni said...

Yay for vacation! Woohooo! Congrats on a big week. I can't wait to have a break with you... you deserve it.

Cellarrat said...

Chris plays with palstic bottles at ball.

Chris good on yah! Looking forward to hearing the stories and maybe being apart of a few!

Chris said...

Like Dave said, I play with plastic bottles. I work for Ball Corporation,a typical big company. I hold a mechanical engineering degree but my current job is mostly quality testing and doesn't use my skills very much and certainly not much creativity. But it's been a good job when I needed it 3 years ago to provide Marni and I money and healthcare when we were newly weds and now that she's settled in as a *kickass* teacher, I'll be moving on and try to find my own path soon.

Paul said...


We have a Ball plant just a few miles from my house. They seem to be a good employer.

Have a great spring break! I am sure your wife will enjoy her week off as well and will be ready to get back with the kids after a break. Being a school counselor myself I can completely understand. I start back tomorrow after a very relaxing spring break!

See you in a little over a month.