Sunday, March 16

Save the drama for your llama

Dan, Ed, Jeny and Steve met me up at Devil's Backbone for some great riding on Saturday. I couldn't believe Ed and I had never been here before! I rolled in right as Dan pulled up.
Next came the Evergreen crew.
Jeny was having issues with her buckle ;)
Blue skies and awesome dirt. It was great.
Lots and lots of smiles.
Yep still more.
Climbing, descending, rocks, fast curves. Blue Sky had it all and was in great shape.
Ed rocking up a switchback.
Followed by JenyJo.
Making it look easy.
Cool dropouts.
Hmmm oh yea, I do have a map. This was the beginning of our exploration of Horsetooth Mtn Park which was also awesome. We started up a bad ass steep climb.
Fun trail markers. We ripped down via a few trails and then a fireroad. More exploration here is needed.
Then we found the chase llama.
He didn't particually want to leave the trail.
Finally we let him go up ahead a bit and he wandered off the trail and we booked it by him. Anyone missing a llama?
More crappy scenery. I wish I was on my trainer...yea right.
Said my goodbyes and booked it home. Very solid day on the bike and I felt great all day.


Anonymous said...

Don't hurt the llamas. They make great yarn! Looks like it was a great day.

JenyJo said...

yeeehawww! that was lovely ;-)

glad to see you made it home safely, chris. we thought about you many times.


Ed said...

To think as we relaxed at the end of that ride, that you had 40+ more miles to go with ~70 already under your belt - sheesh!

Good stuff!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Keep me posted when you head up to ride these trails. I typically spend 5-7 hours on Sunday's riding HTMP, Lory, Blue Sky, Devils Back Bone, and Bobcat Ridge.

You think the climb at HTMP is steep....head out to Bobcat Ridge


Chris said...

Steep is relative at 52 gear inches :) But I'd love to have you show me around more stuff up there, it was awesome Jeff!