Wednesday, March 12

Return of the SS

Tomorrow I'm back on the SS after 3 days of long ride climbfests and one day of active recovery. Want to ride after work tomorrow with some other people near Westminster? Join us at Marshall Mesa, info here. I'm pretty excited to get on some dirt with a fresh Racing Ralph in back. My old one was waaaaaaaay past dead.

Pictures tomorrow! Now more reading time before bed.

The big question I'm still pondering while watching weather reports...big weekend in Moab or stay here in town?


Fonk said...

If you have the option, isn't the answer to that question always "big weekend in Moab"? :-)

Ed said...

Tough call, jj and I are crookedly sitting on the fence leaning towards Moab. Looking at these:

Friday looks iffy but we'll be driving out, Saturday looks ok, Sunday looks iffy even into the valleys and Moab.

I've had the worst luck with weather in the desert the last couple of years. It does not seem much like a desert to me.


Chris said...

Fonk - The legs and heart always want to go to Moab. The head sometimes has different ideas with weather, driving and responsibilities all chiming in.

Ed - I keep wavering back and forth. The nice day Saturday would provide great training but if Sunday is a wash and the drive there and back sucks I'm not sure it's worth it.

Cellarrat said...

gotta stick around for st. Pattys stuff but cu tonite

Ed said...

Yeah, that's the other consideration, drive through a snowstorm on the way out AND on the way back....ugh!


Fonk said...

True, the weather can spoil it. We went out to Moab in early March last year for the Skinny Tire Festival, and it ended up taking us an extra couple of hours to get there because of a massive snowstorm from Georgetown to all the way past Vail. Sometimes you gotta go through Hell to get to Heaven... ;-) (though I almost felt like stopping for a ski wknd at Copper!)