Saturday, March 8

Time Trial Tired

Marni and I went up to almost Wyoming for the first ACA race of the year, the Frostbite Time Trial. Neither one of us had been on our time trial rigs or aerobars since probably last May but it was a good excuse to brush off the dust and start preparing for the Cherry Creek Time Trial series. No pictures of me because skinsuits don't have pockets but I ran back to the car after I finished and snapped a few of Marni. Here she comes!
Finished! Under her goal time too, congrats.
That was hard.
Now I need a nap :)
My race went well although I don't know where I stand or exactly how fast I went. My warmup was perfect and with the crosstailwind on the way out I cruised at 30-34mph all the way to the turn around. The way back was a challenge into the wind but I rode strong and finished some unknown amount under 30 minutes. Now we just have to wait for the results to post to see how we did...

Morning Edit: Results are up. Looks like I took 3rd place in the Cat 4 Men with a 29:30 and Marni took 6th in the Cat 4 Women with 41:02. Yay us!


Marni said...

Another great race! Nice job going under 30 minutes! That's awesome! You looked like you were trucking along with no problem when you passed me going the other way. You gave me false hope that the way back wouldn't be TOO windy -- ha! I'm proud of you!

ERic said...

Nice! 30-34 mph out!!! That must have been a rather good tail (cross) wind. Good job!