Thursday, March 6

Take what I can get

After a few days of seriousness that necessitated the trainer due to below freezing temperatures, extreme wind and precipitation, today is a day to have fun and ride the SS. So what if the high today is only marginally above freezing, at least it's not snowing or blowing at 45mph. And while I'm still jonesing for some real dirt, the Big Dry Creek path and some of the offshoot hills around Standley Lake are as good as I can

Still this week has been progressing nicely and it looks like a warm up is coming in time for the weekend. Marni and I are going to do some time trialing on Saturday and I'll be getting out for a long ride somewhere on Sunday. Plus our spring break vacation plans are now well underway and so far it looks like Moab, Zion, Vegas, Santa Barbara and maybe a bit more. I am super excited!

Now if you'll excuse me, it's birthday cake day at work. Yum!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Just looked at the TT flyer. It's a total flat course. Hope for no wind! I do a lot of my tempo rides on the TT course since it is flat and allows a steady effort.

Anonymous said...

Come through OC on your spring break.....we'll take you out for sushi and show you some great climbs:-)