Monday, March 3

Marshall Mesa picture dump

I got out last week to enjoy some of our spring like weather. I know Colorado still has plenty of winter to throw at me still but it's nice to ditch the knee warmers somedays and feel warm again. Plus the fun of riding on dirt is a huge motivator, even when it's short lived and only a few good trails open up at a time. Sunshine after work! This was all under a huge snow drift a couple weeks ago.
Only traces left.
The last bigger section which was rideable as well.
High plains was totally dry and even the big drift there was gone.
Small drift by a gate.
Dry climbing up to another gate.
The main Marshall Mesa trail was good, even the side singletrack.
All smiles...
Sun beginning to set now.
Trails still good.
Cowdrey Draw was good too.
Lower main trail had a dry line everywhere even.
Sunsetting more over a bunnyhopable wetspot.
Getting darker now as I headed up to Boulder to meet Marni.
I found her! She was getting some down mitts at Montbell :)
Also a big thanks to my father in law for our new griddle/panini press thing. I have a feeling it's going to become a well used kitchen item.

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Marni said...

Yay mitts! MMMMMMMM quesadillas....